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Hi, I am new to this forum. I just bought a pair of marsell derbies in vegetable tanned leather. When I informed at Marsell they told me to use little products, only beeswax to make it somewhat water repellent. However, on the internet I read that people advice to use a conditioner on a regular basis and finish of with wax. Today I have conditioned my shoes with Saphir Renovateur and finished with Saphir Everest wax. It made the leather significantly darker and the surface of the shoes remained tacky even the day after.
Do you have tips/tricks how to care for this type of shoes?
How should the wax be applied to prevent the surface of the shoe to remain sticky?
How often should I repeath this procedure (little afraid of the darkening as I liked the lighter color of the shoes more ...). Thanks for your advice !
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