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Buy stock. More trad than excessive consumption.
Hmmm, I'm not so sure.

**As a child of the 80s-90s I often questioned my family's investment style of what Gordon Gecko referred to as "widows and idiot sons" (low risk debt instruments, gold, etc.). As a more typical American in my 30s, I have a majority of capital in blue chips and recently bought my first rapidly depreciating house. My brother (easily recognizable on this forum) is literally sitting on a mound of gold bullion.

While hosting our first Thansksgiving, my ever-wise father asked my brother "what would you pay for this foreclosed propertly?". Humorous, insightful, and very scary all at the same time. For all that is said here, I thought of this moment as "trad" (I still really despise that word).

In any case, I would use a bonus for something that you wouldn't spring for otherwise. Any step up in quality is a good choice - if you've never owned any J.Press (as I've ssen from other posts) go for it!! You need to spread the word about the value of hook vents, etc.

**Modestly inebriated so this story will likely be deemed worthless to most.
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