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Just to echo @fishertw, you need to determine what you want to achieve and learn: alteration or full tailoring.

If you want to start on your own without going professionally (like a hobby or craft), start checking on how to alter your own clothes first before you move to the difficult ones. Fixing tears, sewing buttons and hemming should be fairly easy to do. Then shortening sleeve, taking in trouser legs are the next to do. Taking in waist or others with a tailored jacket will be next.

I would not think you will or want to start drafting your own pattern, sewing canvass and shoulder pads and what not. That is like if you want to do this professionally, or more like next level goals.

Yes, you probably need a sewing machine, and you can buy one easily and learn how to sew. But then you need to know what to do with all the sewing and things. You need info on how to do it.

I would suggest you to go to a library that carries the tailoring books and browse through some of the tasks that you want to do yourself. Threads magazine ( has lots of good info and books that you can determine if you want to purchase to learn more about sewing and alteration. May I suggest this following book: Simple Tailoring and Alterations by J. Francois-Campbell (ISBN 9781861089595). It lists out many alteration tasks, including tapering trouser legs and shirts taken in, that you can do yourself. I find it very useful if you want to learn to alter your own clothes.

Hope this is helpful to you.
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