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Gordon Brown is a good man who has a brilliant mind. Unfortunately for him and the Labour Party he has no charisma. Nowadays getting elected and staying there is to do with about 70% charisma and 30% policies.
A brilliant mind does not make you a great leader perhaps he was a good No 2 but I think Blair would argue with you over that. He is a loner and seems unable to work as part of a team.

I've heard nothing from David Cameron .............come to think of it I've heard nothing from David Cameron! When the banking crisis was well under way he and George Osborne had absolutely nothing to say - it was very worrying indeed since we all think they'll be leading our great nation soon. George Osborne comes across as a twit to be honest - David Cameron has more gravitas.
Did you here anything from Blair pre 97. They are just following the same tactic of keeping their powder dry and saying little to box the in.

If you're asking who could take over from GB and do better it would have to be Alan Johnson. He's managed to lead several major government departments and not slipped on a banana yet, gaining a good reputation on the way. David Milliband is more impressive but blew his short term chances when he didn't suppress rumours of him standing a while back and then changed his mind.
Both of them have shown they lack the desire to challenge Brown at this stage, leaving him with the blame for the recession and all the other ills that have beset the party lately. Alan Johnson is probably too old to be PM when Labour make it back into office.

Of course the Browns lost a child too, a baby, but I'd hate us to sink to the level of personal tragedy turning into political advantage - and I am sure David Cameron and Gordon Brown would too.
Are you accusing either of doing so?

We are all going insane over here - the expenses scandal was bad but friends in Germany say its even worse on the continent its just that the Telegraph got hold of the info!
Perhaps you are right.

Anyway as we all know because the Daily Mail says so, it was only Labour MPs who were fiddling their expenses and the whole global banking crisis was not caused by overlending on the part of banks but by Labour party economic policy. So all of you can blame the UK Labour party for the world recession.
With what I surmise to be your political leanings I had not put you down as a Mail reader.

Oh and the UK was one of the least endebted countries in the western world entering into the crisis but you'd never know that if you believe what the press and the Conservatives say!
Just plain wrong.

I got so sick of it all that I determined to listen only to the economists on Newsnight and Radio 4 and if you did listen to them you'd know the Labour Government whilst getting some things wrong have been broadly on the right lines. The biggest thing they got wrong was too little regulation of the financial markets and just two years ago who was it demanding further deregulation of the City? The Tories!
I do not know what you choose not to hear on Radio 4 it seems that Brown get quite a kicking by the BBC and no more than he deserves.
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