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I feel incredibly stupid admitting to having at least 80 pair of shoes. As an undergrad, I distinguished myself by wearing [gasp!] unique sneakers on campus. I amassed a "collection" (there really are folk out there who collect limited or iconic sneakers much like a watch pen collector!) that numbers over 50 pair. I still wear these when running errands on the weekend. I also stocked up on essentials such as Wellingtons (for rain) and hikers (for other inclement conditions in Michigan), as well as flats, pumps and dress boots - the number of which has only increased with the dress code and income from my job. I've stopped buying shoes for the most part now, but every once in a while I'll think of something a professional woman 'needs'. Looking for a pair of mid-heel modern, yet tasteful, spectators as I type . . . :)
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