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Browsing the internet, you see a picture of an ensemble.

Question 1: When you see the picture, how many seconds does it take you to form a first impression of Certainly no, Probably no, So-so, Probably yes, Certainly yes?

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5 to 10

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Question 2: If you form your initial impression within a second or two, then spend longer reconsidering it, approximately what percentage of times would you say you change your opinion from your initial impression to another?

For these particular questions, please leave out considerations of where it is to be worn and whether it suits the wearer's body and complexion.

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The first impression comes pretty quickly (less than a minute), but I always find myself going back several times to study the details. Depending on how impressed I am with the details, I regularly find myself in my closet trying to replicate those overwhelmingly favorable impressions.

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I will really miss your posts when you're gone so don't be going anywhere.

Assume you're talking about outfits as seen on someone, picture or real life. I would say a negative reaction is given immediately and no change of mind is considered because I've moved on. On a positive reaction, again immediately, then linger time is figured in, not to second-guess (tho that's happened), but to suck it all in. In real life seldom is seen upon which to linger. Not so with Ralph Lauren ads.
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