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My Cole Haan loafers are beginning to show creases at the sides, since the shoe bends when you walk and land your toes. I figure a shoe tree should help prevent distortion.

Thing is, Cole Haan is out of stock of shoe trees, and expects the next shipment at the end of the year. I was told they don't have fully lasted shoe trees, but the construction of all their shoes is the same so it all works out.

I didn't fully appreciate this detail when I bought them, so how important are shoe trees? I think only Ferragamo has fully lasted shoe trees among the brands sold here. When I checked out Bally, the botique told me they don't even sell shoe trees.

How important are the shoe trees? And would it work if I just buy those Florsheim one size fits all cedar shoe trees for my shoes? Would generic plastic shoe trees be a terrible stopgap?

Also, how important is shoe conditioner and cream? Should you use all those shoe care products being offered with the shoe, or just take the generic brands sold at the shoe repair stores?
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