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How do you keep dressing so well every day with all of the smart comments and snide remarks from others? Sometimes I get so worked up, but I always manage to calm down and smile it off.

I'm in Chicago, and it's 91 degrees on this hot summer day. Shorts and T-shirts everywhere, and I'm the only one in a suit and tie in my "no dress code" work environment. (I've been here for about a year, and almost always in a suit.)

"Why don't you wear shorts?"
"Why are you wearing a suit?"

I had my jacket off in the office, on my way to the water cooler, and this somewhat important guy walking the other direction says something like, "A bit casual today, eh?" I smiled. He has always made such comments. What happened to "How's your day"?

I'm going to cave. I'm going to break down. I'm going to wear shorts tomorrow and show off my lovely legs!
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