My question is about helping my 14 yr old son develop his own sense of style. He and I have very different opinions regarding the matter as I am more adventurous when it comes to fashion.
He, however, is not, but he really wants to be. He just needs a little push! I think taking advice from me is the REAL issue. So,
I'm doing as much research on the subject as possible in hopes of having a great time when we "Back to School" shop. Thank you so much for you time and much needed advice.
Andy's Answer
I think this is something every mother has to go through!!
It's amazing the "taste" we're born with and also amazing is how much his taste will change over the years. Just be patient.
Try to explain (without emotion!) why a certain garment looks better on him, is more appropriate or more versatile! Or find a good sales associate and let them (a totally objective outside the family entity) help your son.