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l have always been interested in good shoes since l was a kid. l started out with very modest beginnings though. As a 16 year old l always saved my money for good shoes. Back then it was Florshiem seconds and R.M.Williams boots. l honestly thought Florshiem were the best shoes in the world back then but l became increasingly dissapointed with them because the soles would crack and the leather would split. For 8 years l honestly thought that paying over $200 for shoes was a waste of money because the soles would crack. l didn't realise that better quality shoes don't have there soles crack. lt took me a long time to get over this idea.

When l was 25, l took a risk and splashed out on a pair of Moreschi. They were just so beautiful that l couldn't resist. This started a life long shoe buying habit. That year l purchased another 12 pairs of shoes. Since wearing nicer shoes there is no going back. When l purchased that first pair of better shoes (Moreschi) l was hooked for life. This forum has indeed not helped the cause. Shoos are just sooo addictive. There is nothing better than wearing a beautiful pair of well made shoos.

What is your storey.

GR8MAN (The shooman) B8MAN.
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