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Hi everyone,

I posted this also in the Styleforum:

Considering that it's been a while since the last posting on tailors in Hong Kong I decided to volunteer by writing about my recent experience there.

I had recently made two suits with an additional pair of pants and a shirt from A Man Hing Cheong in Hong Kong Central's Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Y William Yu in Mody Road on Kowloon Island. I also tried to check out W W Chan in Nathan Road, but for some reasons they made an overbooking and I didn't have enough time.

I will start with AMHC: I took a Herringbone dark-blue super 130 no-name (at least, there was no tag in the suit later on and I forgot to ask during the order), which was comparatively expensive, but I just liked the colour and feeling of the cloth so much. I asked for a standard two-button, side-vents, two flat pockets, normal sized lapels and of course canvassing. The suit cost me 14.000 HKD with an additional pair of pants ordered later on for another 4000 HKD. This was way above the 10.000 HKD entry price tier they actually recommended, but the cloth just had me. I can't remember exactly, but when I first ordered I had one forward-fittng and three normal fittings, then after about 3 months I brought back the jacket for another fitting, where I also ordered a beige two-ply shirt for 950 HKD, which required two fittings.

Honestly speaking, when I went there the first time I found them quite impolite, and not offering that proactive attitude that guides you through the whole process. My personal observations were that they were probably thinking I would be a one-time customer, so they didn't pay a lot of attention during the very first order and also when I received the finished piece a few days later. However, when I came back later on and asked for additional changes, they responded extremely well. I was actually surprised, because they didn't protest or argue at all, just called out the cutter, discussed what to do among them and then later provided me with an excellent fit. Not sure, but maybe they just thought that for that price they just have to give me more attention. In total, I am very satisfied with the suit. I will take some pic's later and post them, so you can judge by yourself. I think the shop might be a bit spoiled by its unique location within the Mandarin Oriental. Whenever I went there, there was always a least one customer. They don't need to worry about loosing too many customers ever.

A few months later I went to Y William Yu in Kowloon. Not that famous as AMHC, WW Chan or Baroman, but I thought it would be worth a to check out a less famous niche provider. The shop is difficult to find, as it is located in the basement of a building with a very small sign and lots of other tailors right next to it, so you can easily get confused. Let me provide the contact-details in case you are interested: 46 Mody Road, Kowloon, (852) 2369 2141, [email protected]

Anyway, I ordered a dark-blue super 120, Loro Piana four-seasons in light check, with an additional pair of pants and a blue herring-bone shirt at basically half the cost of AMHC. They charged me almost exactly 10.000 HKD for the total package. Without the shirt and the second pants I would paid only 7500 HKD, which is higher than their recommended entry price tier of 6000 HKD for a first suit. Considering that a Loro Piana from AMHC would be well above 10.000 HKD I considered this to be a very good bargain! I asked basically for the same basic cut as the AMHC, but wanted to have a more flat Italian shoulder, because the cloth is just more colourful and softer than the AMHC which is probably British as they seem to favour British cloth in general.

Due to my schedule I could only do one forward-fitting and two additional ones. For a first start it's ok and the tailor already offered me to take it back next time in case I should have some doubts about it. I am not 100% and probably it will take a few months until I find out, but I feel that the jacket could a half an inch slimmer. In any case, craftmanship is awesome. The only mistake I realized is that they forgot the buttonhole in left lapel, but I will ask them to redo that later on.

While I liked the shop more due the individual atmosphere and the attention the cutter paid to me, I need to say that somehow the AMHC suit and also the shirt seems slightly better manufactured. Just little details like the missing buttonhole on the lapel, the sewing of the shirt and the harder canvassing of the chest and also the harder shoulder. Maybe it's too early to judge, as I haven't worn both suits for alonger time in comparison. It may also be that AMHC is just feeling more fitted, because of the harder canvassing and the tighter fitting I asked for after a few months. In any case, the huge price gap justifies to go to YWY again, no doubt about it.

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