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The Fedora Lounge is having a get together at Musso and Frank's this Wednesday and being an ask Andyfile I would like to invite you guys and gals that are local to join. Wednesday, at 6:00pm No dress code, though for the sake of me I suggest you look well attired.

Musso and Frank's.
6667 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sat.
You're in Raymond Chandler territory at Musso's. A Hollywood landmark since 1919, this place has the clubby look and feel to which newcomers like The Grill aspire. If nothing else, come for a Manhattan at the bar. When dining, expect brusque service and such old-fashioned favorites as grilled steaks and chops, beef stroganoff, sauerbraten, chicken pot pie, short ribs and cannelloni, or try the seafood 'chiffonade' salad full of shrimp and other delights from the sea. All made the old-fashioned way; there are no microwaves in the restaurant. The all-day breakfast menu includes omelets and pancakes, called flannel cakes (only served until 3 PM). You haven't been to Hollywood if you haven't been to Musso's -- a superstitious rite of passage for aspiring actors.

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