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"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy."

Today marks the end of my rehab career. (Pause for joyful chortling.)

I have an interview Monday for a job I have little interest in, but I am going just to get into the groove.

Which brings up an interesting topic - what to wear?

Of course it depends on the position, the industry, etc. If I decide to cut lawns for the rest of the summer I won't need to agonize over which tie is appropriate.

What I'm mildly concerned about is the often-referred-to "Slobbification of America". I have the distinct feeling that if I show up in the most casual ensemble that includes jacket and tie I will be speaking to a member of doofus Americanus clad in pleated Dockers and a golf shirt.

And it might put him off.

Should I give a rat's tookus?

What the heck, I've got about four months' moo socked away - plenty of wiggle room.

And newspaper offices, where I will be concentrating my efforts, are not known as sartorial havens.

I think I'll just proceed as usual. After all, I've been the only staff member in coat and tie for several years now, so I have developed some degree of immunity.

Any of you guys have any thoughts or experiences?

Boom shaka laka laka,

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