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Upon moving to DC for an internship I have found that a large portion of the population here wears the Le Tigre polo shirts. I later talked to a peer who said that he grew up in them in the late 70's and early 80's. I distinctly remember Lacoste polos as a child and have various pictures wearing the gator, but I had no idea about this other brand. I understand that I am giving away my age here but I was a child when these were supposedly around. Is this a geographic thing, since he grew up in the upper Northeast? Is this current Le Tigre the one that produced my friends childhood shirts or is this a re-tooling of a dying brand in order to capture some of the brand-concious confusion that many suffer from? Or is my friend mistaken and full of it? Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Also, are these quality shirts still, since he claims they rivaled Lacoste 'back in the day'?

J. Fields
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