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The American readers may or may not know that Otis Ferry, the son of the singer Bryan Ferry, was recently in court for storming into the House of Commons to protest against the ban on fox hunting.

There was an interview with him in the London Evening Standard yesterday. He said that in order to gain access to Parliament, he and his co-conspirators wore dayglo coats and hard hats, posing as construction workers. But once inside, they took off the coats and hats to reveal 'horrid cheap shiny suits bought from Oxfam (a chain of charity [thrift] shops)so as to look like members of Parliament'.

So it's not just Washington that has bad dressers!

There was also a good cartoon in the paper when Labour came into power in 1997. It showed an MP being measured for a suit and saying to a tailor 'I'd like the off the peg look, please'.

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