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Higher-rise Trousers from Berg & Berg

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Scandinavian online retailer Berg & Berg recently introduced a line of higher-rise trousers (higher-rise, anyway, than what you normally find nowadays). Pleated and flat-front. Side adjusters. Cotton and lightweight wool. I've only ever ordered knitwear from Berg & Berg, but I'm intrigued.
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This was a fantastic heads-up from Mr. Zilch! I ordered two pairs of the Alfons model - the wool in grey and the cotton canvas in sand. I wear a size 33 waist typically and had never bought European sized trousers before. I tried a size 48 at first and they were too snug all over. Liking the style, the cut, and the apparent quality, though, I exchanged them for a size 50 and they are absolutely perfect. The only alteration needed is to hem the bottoms.....just need to decide between a 1.75” cuff or a plain hem (blind hem stitch). This is my first pair(s) of trousers with side adjusters and no belt loops and I think they’re really sharp. The rise is perfect and what I’d call mid-high, hitting just below my belly button.

Regarding the concern expressed upthread about the size of the ankle opening, I don’t find it to be too narrow at all. In fact, at 7 7/8” across (15.75” around), they are just 1/8” less (measured across) than my recently-purchased BB Regent trousers, which are 8” across (16” circumference). A hardly noticeable difference.

Thanks again to the OP. These were a great find!
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