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High-waist swim suit

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Anyone know where I can buy a swimsuit with a high rise? I'd like to find briefs.

I'm looking for something like the pictures.


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I've never seen swim trunks with a belt before. Wow.

If you want super high rise like this these days, the closest thing I can think of is that shaping underwear that rises over your belly to pull it in.

You could check out They have a huge selection of every type of underwear imaginable and they carry swim wear as well.
Are we talking Spanx for Men? LOL, it would take one hell of a pair of underwear to hide my spare tire! Do they offer anythingin a man girdle? Just sayin. ;)
LOL yes! They've been around for a while now. I could make use of a pair myself, but seems to me they would get mighty uncomfortable throughout the day.

And to the OP: sorry, I just checked and it doesn't look like my earlier suggestion has what you want. Everything is ultra ultra low rise as usual. I hope these guys don't dive in head first! 🤔
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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