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Beyond the random element in online auctions, which clothing brands do you think are consistently undervalued (or overvalued) by buyers on eBay? This is obviously related to how obscure or popular the brand is but some brands seem to always go for lower than other comparable ones.

In general, unless i am desperately seeking a specific item, i think paying up to 25%-30% of the retail price on eBay is reasonable for a NWT item (<10% retail is a great deal!). I find some brands consistently selling for >50% and sometimes even close to full retail value while others stay low.

This thread however may push prices of undervalued brands higher if AAAC members begin to seek those out and bid them up. Another problem i've noticed is that popular brands that draw a premium attract counterfeiters who flood the market with cheap knockoffs, which eventually drives prices lower (beware of the Etro, Paul Smith or Thomas Pink shirts you see on eBay).


- Burberry
- Hugo Boss
- Armani
- Thomas Pink
- Versace


- Corneliani
- Pal Zileri
- Samuelsohn
- Arnold Brant
- Strellson
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