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Sorry, this is easier for me:

All the President's Men​
WALTER B.D. HICKEY JR., chairman of
HickeyFreeman, the Rochester, New
York-based menswear company that has
been in business since 1899 (he is the
grandson of cofounder Jeremiah Hickey),
is used to working in a family operation. "I
remember that in the mid-1960s, the head
of our union happened to be a friend of
President Johnson," says Hickey.'And he
told the president that he should wear
suits from anAmerican maker. So myuncle
Tom, who headed our sales, packed a suitcase
of swatches and hightailed it to Washington,
along with our head tailor. From
then on, Johnson wore our suits." In fact,
Ieaders on both sides of the aisle, including
DwightD. Eisenhower, George H'W. Bush
and AI Gore, have worn Hickey Freeman
suits. "Given that legacy," says Hickey,
"we've created a line of suits and sport
coats that we call the Presidential Collection,
which we're debuting this year."​
Edited by David Masello​
What distinguishes the Presidential Collection of suits?
Our executive vice president and chief designer,
Bruno Castagna, saw ways to redefine and add new
dimension to our clothes. We use the term Presidenfzal
slightly tongue in cheek to refer to that office, of
course, but also to give men an almost couture level
of sartorial elegance from anAmerican manufacturer.
T\vo things distinguish these suits: a slimmer,
trimmer silhouette, though that does not mean
these are tight-fitting garments; and, second, the
fabrications. We use cashmere, as well as worsted
wool, spun at the finest Italian mills. These are worsteds
with low micron counts-fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.
The micron count is the most important
detail about these suits in that the smaller the number,
the smaller the diameter of yarns used-and the
finer the grade of fabric. There are other details,
too. Instead of being done by machine, the ends of
every pocket are hand tacked, which helps them
keep their shape and keeps them secure to the coat'
We hand fell, or sew, all the shoulders and armholes
on the inside. We hand make the lapel buttonholes
and the front buttonholes. These extra,
Iabor-intensive operations add a finesse to the suits.
Are all of the Presidential Collection garments made to Measure?
No. At the Hickey Freeman stores in New York
[666 Fifth Avenue and 711 Broadway] and San Francisco
[767B Market Streef] and at our new store in
Chicago [114 East Oak Street], we have a large selection
of ready-made Presidential suits, but they
can also be custom-made from swatches. For custom
orders we have fifty suit fabrics to choose
from and twenty sport-coat fabrics. Turnaround
time for made-to-measure suits and jackets is a
little more than three weeks. [Off-the-rack Presidential
suits, $3,100-$4,500; custom orders from
$4,500. Off-the-rack sport coats, $1,400 - $ 2,000.
Do you think the man who wears your Presidential line
feels invested with a similar power?
A man in one of these garments feels dressed
more sartorially and more comfortably. But
women have special power over how their husbands
dress. Women spend considerably more on
apparel than men do, and, frankly, theywant to be
seen with men who look as well-dressed as they
are. These suits do that. Items shown qvailable at
Hickey Freeman stores.
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