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Blair flair?

Not really. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair seems welded into that dark suit, but at least has some nice, if not particularly adventurous, ties. After perusing numerous pictures, I finally found one of him in a light gray sport coat and blue-green trousers, walking with U. S. Sen. John Kerry, both in unbuttoned but sharp shirts. He went open collar with a polo shirt at the Olympics, but still had on a suit. I did find one picture wherein the suit he wore was a decided blue, not navy.

The man lives in a suit and looks fresh wherever in the world he turns up. Part of this is his confidence and ease in all kinds of situations, which probably helps make him look better dressed than he may technically be. By that I mean that I am unaware of the source of those (maybe only one) dark suits, which fit him well but might just be off-the-rack at Marks & Spencer, for all I know. He seems to always dress in an uncannily complementary fashion to that of whatever world leader with whom he is pictured. Maybe they all have the same fashion coordinator:icon_smile_big:
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