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Hey Lads!! Who do you think is the most dapper dresser currently?

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I'm talking about the chap who pulls wool just based on his proper threads, you know?


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In my family and my office, ME!

Media personalities: Hume and Kudlow are tops

Beckham: Obviously well built and wears clothes well, but more or less a chav who (or his stylists or wife) tries too hard.

Blair: Usually w/o a tie which is a kind of new labor/cool britania posuer thing that is past its sell by date. Wears Burberry check trimmed polo shirt for chav cred. Has to rent full dress, unforgivable for a PM. Slightly effeminate too.

Clooney: Looks pretty good in clothes of course, but probably still has that notch/long tie "tux" in his closet somewhere.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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