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There appears to be a common theme of "once I found AAAC my wardrobe doubled or tripled or ???".

I think we may have found the key missing from all those government stimulus packages.

First you control the internet to make visiting this site mandatory for all men (Department of Sartorial Education).

Second, we must enact a law (Sartorial Reinvestment Act) that obligate retailers to allow the unemployed to purchase Brioni suits and Lobb shoes even if they cannot pay because a just society means everyone should wear beautiful clothes.

Third, for those with verified income (no seriously) & credit cards the banks must increase their limits so men can upgrade from Corneliani to Kiton and AE to EG.

Lastly, we will need to encourage these banks to then sell this debt to others (Iceland could sure use a powercharged investment product right about now) so they can free up capital do it all over again.

You see then men would shop more and buy better, even incur debt but that is okay because they would look good and that makes the debt okay, and because the economy would grow and....oh wait that's the logic that got us into this mess in the first place:cry:

I've broken forum rules haven't I? - Interchange here I come...
No. Your post is not only absolutely fine ... but I welcome it!

Of course, I'm speaking as a shirtmaker, not a moderator. When will this rash of new clients begin? :devil:

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I was looking for information and moreover photos of various Crockett & Jones shoes. The search function threw up some good info and great pics of the shoes.

I'm happy to say I bought my first pair of C&J this Wednesday :icon_smile_big:
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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