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Hey, I'm Curious--How Did You Find AAAC?

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As for me, I was doing a search on Roetzel's book Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion, and it lead me to a post about that book here.

I was immediately attracted to the breadth of knowledge and information contained on these fora, and its vBulletin software, which allows one to start a poll so quickly and easily. :icon_smile_wink:

How about you? How did you discover AAAC?

Kind Regards,

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It was only in February, but I honestly have no idea what brought me here.

But I'm glad I did. This forum, and meeting Desk Jockey, renewed my faith in the youth of America. :)
I had just heard about the Neopolitan cut, as opposed to the Roman cut, so I was looking for a nutshell, wikipedia-type description of the two styles. I typed both terms in the Yahoo search engine, and it brought me here.

Unfortunately, I'm still a little unclear about the original question. There have been many threads and pictures about it, but maybe I'm still not at the point where the nuances are obvious.
It did indeed find me - our website 'back office' shows how any visitor got to our site - what search engine they used, what terms they searched under, what website link they used and so on. I can click on them and reverse back up the line, so to speak - and there we were being discussed on the forum.
Somebody please revive Alex. I believe he just fainted. ;)
I didn't find AAAC. It found me.

HELP! Now I'm being held prisoner in Andy's basement. He sends down fabric, needles & thread ... and every third Sunday some peanut butter and water.
It's OK. The doctors say he will be "good as new" in a few days. At least I will get some peace around here for a while.
LOL. It appears Andy was giving him too much peanut butter and not enough water! Andy, take a note... ;)
I found it through one of the columnists on who posted interesting links on a wide variety of subjects (I don't remember his name now), and I checked it out and found a whole new world of guys who knew a lot more about clothes than I did. I lurked for about a year before joining.
I was looking into on-line MTM shirt makers and was googling their names for quality reviews.

AAAC is an fantastic resource.
I found the site about 5 days ago, searching for a review of Oliver Sweeney shoes (can't remember why, I have a few pairs). After some time wandering around the site I have already found my opinions about Sweeney, Ozwald Boateng and British GQ are wrong; am waiting to download new opinions shortly! :icon_smile:
I was shopping for a Polo Coat...

but then tripped over Chase Hamilton and decided to stay for the Floor Show.
Now Pale Male, that is so insightful. I had wanted to go to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts after I preped, but my grandfather said that acting wasn't a dignified profession--it was fit for only hobos, vagrants and rascallions.

So I went into Sales. Yeah, I fabricating information so people will buy products at inflated prices is much more dignified. :icon_smile_wink:

Kind Regards,

So Many Talents, Wasn't I Blest!

Well, if we're going to trade Horror Stories, I was "supposed" to be a Corporate Lawyer. And if you're thinking "undignified" there's nothing lower than Investment Banker these days.

I "bounced" around quite a bit -- place to place and job to job if not quite career to career. And for a good while managed to make a living with that Butt-of-Jokes Degree in Art History. Went to Film School too.

I'd agree with Grandfather if he added one last group: the Talented. Bluntly, I'm afraid you're in that category.

It's not too late.
It's not too late.
Maybe not. But it's more than a little scary to give up a comfortable lifestyle to try something so risky.

Actually, if I'm 100% honest, I do get plenty opportunities to perform as a Sales Executive. All the time, actually. :icon_smile_wink:

I had a question about formal wear ....

so I googled "eccentric Englishmen" and wound up here.
Saw an article by Jeffrey Tucker titled "How to Dress Like a Man" on one of my favourite websites Article had some good points as I realised how casual I was becoming in my dress.

This led to a google search on where to get more information on clothing and found AAAC.

Another example of good things happening when you are interested in libertarian writings, I am sure no one stumbled here because of
the Nation:eek: or National Review:icon_pale:.
I heard this guy on WFMU

Some oddball with a fine book on dandyism, Lord Whimsy links to the site.
I learned of this site through a Tuesday NY Times fashion/style page feature on AAAC and other sites. I think that it was about 4 years ago.

Once I became addicted I learned of the other sites.

The Times used to have a advertising slogan for its print and poster ads that "I got my job through the New York Times." Well, I became an AAAC addict through the New York Times!
I think I just searched for men's style or fashion forums.
I had found a nice-looking shirt on Ebay made by some Italian company named "Borrelli." I'd never heard of it, so I googled something like "Borrelli shirt" and that led me first to AAAC and then to Styleforum. That was back in 2003 or 2004.... and I now have made space for 3x the amount of clothes I used to have and probably 5x the number of shoes.
My gun collecting friend, the retired city panning engineer who moved to Arizona on a California pension and now spells it Kalifronicate keeps spamming me with emails; vietnam vet biker gangas assembling at the memorial wall poems, Clinton murder conspiracies and his newly discovered cornucopia of online porn.

He kept sending multiple emails about, except he spelled it out ASK ANGEL ABOUT CEX, somehow typoing a c for s.

I finally gave in, just to shut him up and found Andy.
There appears to be a common theme of "once I found AAAC my wardrobe doubled or tripled or ???".

I think we may have found the key missing from all those government stimulus packages.

First you control the internet to make visiting this site mandatory for all men (Department of Sartorial Education).

Second, we must enact a law (Sartorial Reinvestment Act) that obligate retailers to allow the unemployed to purchase Brioni suits and Lobb shoes even if they cannot pay because a just society means everyone should wear beautiful clothes.

Third, for those with verified income (no seriously) & credit cards the banks must increase their limits so men can upgrade from Corneliani to Kiton and AE to EG.

Lastly, we will need to encourage these banks to then sell this debt to others (Iceland could sure use a powercharged investment product right about now) so they can free up capital do it all over again.

You see then men would shop more and buy better, even incur debt but that is okay because they would look good and that makes the debt okay, and because the economy would grow and....oh wait that's the logic that got us into this mess in the first place:cry:

I've broken forum rules haven't I? - Interchange here I come...
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A friend of mine is a member. He tipped me off when there was a thread concerning stiff, detachable collars.
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