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Hey, I'm Curious--How Did You Find AAAC?

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As for me, I was doing a search on Roetzel's book Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion, and it lead me to a post about that book here.

I was immediately attracted to the breadth of knowledge and information contained on these fora, and its vBulletin software, which allows one to start a poll so quickly and easily. :icon_smile_wink:

How about you? How did you discover AAAC?

Kind Regards,

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Searching for information about some obscure dress practice, the which I have forgotten, lo these 100+ posts hence. Found it fascinating and even marginally helpful. Hope to continue contributing in a helpful fashion myself, if I can keep effectively biting my tongue:icon_smile_wink:
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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