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Hello everyone,

some sharp looking attire...

I discovered this great forum about a week ago whilst searching for a place to buy Weejuns in Washington D.C. I viewed about 10 hours worth of this site on a rainy day last week, and have browsed now and then. I seem to have the same tastes as many of you. Sartorially speaking, my high school years were quite simple. Aside from playing 3 sports that put me in athletic gear from 4pm-7pm, we had a school uniform of chinos/white ocbd/school tie/blazer three days of the week. The other two were for polo shirts tucked in/khakis and our choice of shoes (beside athletic) and belt.

Anyway, I am a freshman at GW (turned 18 four months ago) but plan to transfer. Here is what my wardrobe consists of. What do you think I need to add? (Given, my dorm room closest is very small; I have space to hang maybe 5 more jackets)


2x Press Khaki Chinos,
3x Brooks Khaki chinos (uncuffed, not sure what to do with them)
1 Press Olive Green Chino
1 Press Charcoal Light Weight Wool Trouser
1 Press British Tan Light Weight Wool Trouser
1 Press Khaki Light Weight Wool Trouser
1 Press Light Grey Flannel
1 Press Tan Cords
1 Press Olive Cords
1x Cream Gabardine Trouser

all pants have buttons for suspenders


Grey Herringbone Tweed Press
Olive/Brown Herringbone Tweed Press
Olive/Sky/Green Herringbone Tweed Press
Navy Blazer Press
Light Blue Magee Cotton Blazer Press
Dartmouth Green Blazer O’Connell
Grey with a faint Green/Purple Glen Plaid (lightweight)


Bean camp mocs
Been hs mocs
Topsiders x3
Clarks Beeswax desert boots
Bean boots
Alden shell tassels
C&J brown shell pennies
Brown cap toe medallion tip oxfords


this years Polo Coat, Press
LL bean canoe green stowaway rain jacket
VV blue rain jacket


3x pink, 3x blue, 4x white, 3x ecru, 1x blue/white, 1x red/white, 1x peach, 1x mint

all OCBD ^


1x navy, 1x burgundy, 1x dark green v-neck merino Press
1x navy, 1x winter white cashmere cable PRL

Maybe 100 ties (60 of which are passed down), 10 bows, and 6 suspenders

Got a Timex Easy Reader and about 10 watch bands, but I don't really like wearing a watch.

I’m thinking Alden LHS #8, Cord Jacket, some type of Shetland check jacket, black watch jacket, medium grey flannels, BB 1818 sack blazer, 3x Bills Original Twills M2, 3x Shaggy Dogs (Pink, Green, Light Blue), Classic Barbour Beaufort Medimweight 6oz Thornproof Wax (Rustic?).

When summer time comes and I can send home my coats ..

-Madras Jacket
-White Bucks
-Seersucker Suit
I think I might actually post pictures, so I can see how my dress is, we'll see when monday morning comes around. Looking forward to learning a few things.


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You're in college? George Washington? How about a pair of jeans? Or are those just for those hobos in the college up the river?

Seriously, you don't need a thing other than a warm casual winter jacket. Speaking from experience, it does get cold in DC in the winter.

You're in (amazingly) good shape.


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It seems you've developed good taste in clothes. Time to turn to booze.
I'd suggest a signature drink for yourself - drink only this one drink (whatever you choose) for your entire four years of college.

I'd recommend:

Scotch & soda (go for something low-key like Dewars, no need to get too snobby)

Vodka/gin & tonic (again, go for something somewhat above pedestrian brands - I'm a fan of Svedka vodka or Booker's gin).

Again, drink ONLY THIS ONE DRINK for four years.

Such a course of action, along with your wardrobe, is sure to earn you a reputation for eccentricity.

One more thing: I'm a professor by trade. I've attended or taught at a large number of schools, most of the best ones in this country, as well as abroad.

No freshman dresses as you say you do.

But you may be that rara avis. Or not. Likely not. I can't imagine, though, what would induce someone to post on this site fibbing about their clothes - but there it is. Honestly - how many people here have 100 ties? I squeak by with 25.

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^Speaking as a parent of two grown children, don't get too concerned over your wardrobe (believe me, it's fine), stay out of the bars and focus on your studies...and you will be one TRAD lad, without a mad dad! Welcome to the forum. ;)

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Welcome- always good to see another gentleman from the south on the forum. I too had about 70-90 ties (similar hs wardrobe) when I hit campus. I'd sugges the Barbour Nortumberland - its heavier and DC is infamous for godawful wind chills and wet snows. You need a heavier coat, that far north- trust me, I lived there. I did not have jeans from my hs year in hs until my freshman year- 2pr of levis (501) will cover you nicely. I would also pick up a pair of longjohns- red (wool/cotton blend). You will want some heavy wool socks- unlined bean boots are not very warm unless it's December and your in Buckhead. Sherman Pickney, Rugby (see Lauren the mgr), and J McLaughlin for some hip GTH duds. Drink- I have known men with great potential destroyed by the drink and I imagine your under age. That being said if you're gonna drink scotch and soda, when you're of age, Famous Grouse is the way to until you're postgrad- then go to johnnie walker black
Furthermore study your tail off and use this time well- it only happens once.
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