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Yep, we're back with another great giveaway!

This time we've partnered with the fabulous folks at Herring Shoes! (Thanks @Adrian Herring !)

Together, we're offering Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following prizes:
Contest Details
  • To ENTER: Simply post a comment here on this thread and tell us which pair of Herring Shoes (from the above list) you'd like have in your shoe closet.
  • The comment/reply will enter you into this contest automatically. If you post multiple comments, they will only be counted as one (1) entry
  • Contest runs from 9/14/19 through 10/05/19 @ 11:59:59 pm PT (Sep 14th - Oct 5th)
  • No purchase necessary
  • Prior contest winners within the last 6 months are not eligible to enter and/or win in this contest. This allows us others to have the chance to win
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited
  • The (5) winners will be selected via a random-type draw after the conclusion of the contest
  • Clarifications and/or corrections to the rules of this contest may be made during the duration of the contest
Share a link to this contest on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and get one (1) BONUS entry, doubling your chance at winning the prize!

To get your bonus entry, post a comment here with a link to where you shared this contest so it can be verified.

Let's do it!!
Who's interested in some new Herring Shoes?

Herring Shoes

Brown Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood

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Given my retirement's casual, countryside style, I'm pretty sure that the Reading II semi-brogues will fit into my closet most comfortably.

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The Kingston Rubber-Soled Boots in brown grain would be my choice. The shade of brown is beautiful and versatile. I have no grain leather shoes in my wardrobe, and I would love to add these. And these shoes are great in that they’d look great with a sports coat but could also be dressed down with more casual clothing. And you can’t go wrong with Dainite studded soles. They break in nicely and last a long time. This boot was not an easy choice to make as there are so many great shoes at Herring, but I could use something like this.
1 - 20 of 131 Posts
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