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i'm not a long-time customer but I have been in the store a few times this year and am on their mailing list. apparently, with the downturn in the economy and the perception that men are getting taller (despite a recent WSJ report that 25% of men are under 5'8"), most of the other smaller men's stores have closed down. I believe based on their newsletter that Jimmy Au's is going on-line in a bid to save their business as long-established clothiers across the country and retail outlets all around them in Los Angeles in general and Beverly Hills in particular close. They use several of the house makers for Barney's and Sak's, in Canada largely. Quality is good--well above average department store offerings but still below top level quality (say, e.g. Zegna, Prada) on most lines. They do have some special higher end stuff. The peaked lapel slim 2 button, while hardly trad, is very well-tailored and their suits in XS are unlike any I've seen offered. A lot of very good casual clothing as well as very small size Alden shoes (they are getting out of Alden slip-ons so their winter sale was 20% off, though I think that's over now). Customer service in the store at any rate was very good. But the on-line is completely new to them and I'm not surprised it is not up and running yet. Feel free to call the store. the clothes will probably fit much better than anything you can find locally.
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