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Hi All

Scored these cheap d love them. I looked all over and can't find what model or style these are. Really.... I looked :)

J+M Black Tassel loafers

Interior Markings:

11 1/2 D/B 24859 1
578801 803N

Trampoline Cushion System Sole

Any help would be appreciated!


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J&M is constantly changing styles and who knows when this shoe was made. I seriously doubt, too, that calling their customer service line is likely to land you anyone with a historic knowledge of their various lines.

It looks to be Goodyear welted. As far as style, well, they’re obviously tassel loafers.

As for the model, the markings along the inside would indicate that. The question is, is their any way to find out.

Is there something in particular you want to know or just curious?
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