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Hi Andy et. al

Well, in preparation to buy my first real suit, I went and had my measurements taken by a tailor. I took a chance and called a guy in town who I had heard was one of the better bespoke guys (Trend Custom Tailors in Toronto). The owner agreed to see me.

I told him my story, that I was going to buy a suit from a member here. These are the measurements he gave me


Length = 20.5 - 28.5

Width Back = 16

Breast = 37.5

Sleeve = 17.25 - 24.75


Outseam = 39.5

Inseam = 30

Waist = 34.5

Seat = 42.5

Knee = 17

Bottom = 16

He gave me this info on a sheet of paper that he obviously uses to size all of his customers. Near the bottom is another measurement. It says

CW 36

Point to Point (PTP) 8.5

Below this is a sketch of a man's shoulder seen from the rear and what appears to be a vertical line from the base of the neck down to the point between the shoulder blades, and then a horizontal line joined to that one which extends to the shoulder.

Now... I walked into this guy's shop and realized that he is indeed a high-end tailor. When he finished, I offered to pay him and he wouldn't let me. He just said 'I'm a supporter of the arts' (I had told him that I'm a jobbing musician). Very nice guy and very serious about his work.

So I didn't feel like taking more of his time to get him to explain a few things on this page. I felt lucky just to have him do these measurements. My questions are

1. How is my coat length 20.5 - 28.5? Surely not front and back? This means two different aspects of length but which ones?

2. What is meant by the sleeve length? I got home and measured the outside sleeve length and it seemed to be 24.75 but the inside sleeve length seems longer than 17.25 if I measure from inside my armpit to my wrist.

3. What is meant by CW 36? I assume PTP 8.5 (Point to Point) is just what is drawn in the diagram - the measurement from the point between my shoulder blades to the back of my shoulder?

4. Finally, near the bottom of the page, he wrote '4 finger bow'. I have no idea what this one means!

Any help is appreciated.


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1. 28.5 is the full length. 20.5 is the length down to the level of your
2. that would be the measure for a deeper armhole. if the sleeve has a
longer inseam, that would be a higher armhole. better to preform.
3. cw 36 i have no idea. if someone comes up with the answer i will kick
myself for not thinking of it.
point to point measures across the top of the shoulders from sleeve
seam to sleeve seam.
back width is the distance across the back from armhole to
armhole at the shoulder blade level.
if that was a little bit more it would be more comfortable when
4. 95% of women have knock knees. 95%of men have bow legs.
he poked his flat hand between your knees and got a reading of 4
fingers bowed. and thats really the way its done by tailors.
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