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Dear All:

Very excited to have (finally) received my H&K Sale by Mail order. The quality of the shirts is, as always, fantastic. Here comes the "however":

I have a fairly stocky build (am 5'10", and wear a 17.5" neck). Consequently, because of the peculiarities of the English OTR sizing system (Are they really that much taller and skinnier than us?) I need to have the 36" standard length sleeves shortened (to about a 34"). The shirts are double cuff, so this is in some respects a complicated alteration, particularly as I would also like to move the link hole of the "under" cuff (i.e., the part of the cuff directly against the wrist) up or back, so that the cuff portion is, when folded, longer. (Sorry for having to make up these terms as I go along - there is probably a better way to say it, but ignorance is bliss...).

Anyway, can someone suggest a quality tailor located in the city to perform this alteration? I have used several in the past for similar alterations and have never been wholly satisfied with quality and finish. (Incidentally, this dissatisfaction extends to the in house alterations done at T&A and Pink.)

My second question is whether I should wash and dry the shirts several times (as opposed to just once) prior to having the alterations done (to ensure that the shirts are finished shrinking before several inches are cut off the sleeves). In the past I have always done three wash/dry cycles...

Many Thanks.
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