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Help me find an unboxy 38R suit

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Hey guys. So I went out shopping today for a suit and was unsuccessful. I went to a lot of places and I found that there's a huge gap in what I was looking at. I either found $200 suits with uninspired cuts or some amazing (for my standards) suits that were $900-1200. Those two were a Zegna and a Hugo Boss.

As I'm a student, I want something in between those two prices. I know a lot of people here prefer more expensive suits, either in MTM or Bespoke, but I have neither the time nor the money to accommodate those desires of mine.

From reading this forum for a few months I know many of you guys either put up some great suits on eBay for good prices or know of some reputable eBayers who sell suits for really good prices.

So here's what I'm looking for

-Less than $450
-A suit with a trimmer fit and nice fabric (which in my mind equals Hugo Boss or Zegna quality. If this isn't possible, I'll just go for the best suit I can at the above quoted price.)
-Midnight blue (or equivalent), Dark Charcoal, or Black.

If any of you have some tips on where to find this online (it doesn't necessarily have to be eBay), please let me know. Thanks all for the help in advance.
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Where are you located? In NYC you can find plenty discount and sample sales for Italian brands that usually cut rather slim. If you up your budget from 450 to 500 you might be able to find some good surprise.

A few one that might be in your budget on "heavy" discount

Z-Zegna - the ones made in Mexico, I could find them just under 500 on heavy discount

Lower end Versace - the ones made in Croatia, can fetch them close to 500 on heavy discount

Lower end Ferre - the ones made in Romania, again, base on luck you might find something desirable. Their cut is slim, but sometimes rather strange too, just got to be careful. Completely different designer after Ferre passed away himself.

D&G Dolce and Gabbana - Yes, when they're on heavy discount, you can fetch it for 500ish.

Ralph Lauren - black label is the truly slim cut on in Ralph Lauren, but don't think you can ever find that for 500 unless you got lucky on ebay. The ones you might be able to find around 500/600 on heavy discount is Polo Ralph Lauren. They're slim enough for most cases, ignore Lauren for Ralph Lauren all together if you want slim cut (they're also much cheaper).

Look at this one for example: (and I think you can actually still find this one on sale in store)

Emporio Armani - again, for 500, only happen on heavy discount, but possible.

As far as fitting goes, I would say try quite a few different brands. For example for most Italian brands I am a 36 (Gucci/Versace/Ferre/Armani/Canali/Zegna), but for Ralph Lauren Black I am a 38 (it's Italian). For other Italain brand I am again 38 (Isaia/Corneliani/Brioni/Valentino).

For Richard James/Burberry I am a 38 (people tell me they run large, but guess not the one I bought). Remember slim cut is not tight cut. The suit should should not start showing strain and weird cutting lines when you close the button. I will try to get someone who is more use to wear suit to shop with you to get you to see what the fit should be.

In general it's a good thing to know your size for various brand, once you're comfortable with the brand, you can go online shopping on suit. You can find some good stuff online, just got to be careful and know what you're buying.

Another thing you could do is if you have a trust worthy tailor, buy something with ok fabric, like Sarar (on 60% or more discount only, please), then have your tailor tight it in (shoulder is the part that can't be compromised though, waist and other what not can be altered, depends on how it is constructed in the first place). This is quite risky though, wouldn't suggest you to do it with your first suit.

As far as mass American brand... well, personally I don't like Banana Republic or Kenneth Cole, never found anything I like there. Once a while I do run into interesting things in Calvin Klein. Good luck on buying your first suit, it's a fun experience:icon_smile_big: (except the spending a fortune part:devil:, all relative our on income:icon_smile_wink:).
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By the way Saks and Fifth is having a huge sale in NYC (up to 75% off in total, on suits I have seen 50% at least as well), not sure about other location. If you want US 38, better grab it quick, US 38 do seem to run out fairly quick.

Bloomingdale/Barneys New York/Bergdorf Goodman were all on sale not too long ago as well. I also remember seeing sale for Neiman Marcus, not sure if that is still going on.
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