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Help me find an unboxy 38R suit

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Hey guys. So I went out shopping today for a suit and was unsuccessful. I went to a lot of places and I found that there's a huge gap in what I was looking at. I either found $200 suits with uninspired cuts or some amazing (for my standards) suits that were $900-1200. Those two were a Zegna and a Hugo Boss.

As I'm a student, I want something in between those two prices. I know a lot of people here prefer more expensive suits, either in MTM or Bespoke, but I have neither the time nor the money to accommodate those desires of mine.

From reading this forum for a few months I know many of you guys either put up some great suits on eBay for good prices or know of some reputable eBayers who sell suits for really good prices.

So here's what I'm looking for

-Less than $450
-A suit with a trimmer fit and nice fabric (which in my mind equals Hugo Boss or Zegna quality. If this isn't possible, I'll just go for the best suit I can at the above quoted price.)
-Midnight blue (or equivalent), Dark Charcoal, or Black.

If any of you have some tips on where to find this online (it doesn't necessarily have to be eBay), please let me know. Thanks all for the help in advance.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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