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To the OP: just beware one thing - slim-fitting doesn't necessarily mean "unboxy".

Boss and mainline Zegna will both fairly boxy if YOU are a boxy person in terms of build, even if you get a model that's fairly slim-fitting. Thom Browne is the extreme example of this - very slim-fitting but also a very boxy cut due to the highly closed quarters, and totally dependent on the wearer's body to give it shape.

If your want "unboxy", I suggest looking at the overall cut rather than just looking for slim-fitting items, unless you happen to have a massive drop. For instance, many English suits at the more military end of the spectrum have strong-ish shoulders, combined with dramatic waist suppression and a flared skirt, which definitely creates an "unboxy" silhouette. (caution: some would find them too histrionic a cut; I like them for their drama). Of course, they should fit reasonable closely but these days don't depend on a skin-tight fit for shaping (I say these days, because some older military uniforms had much more figure-hugging looks).
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