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Help me build a small, versatile, non-business suit wardrobe

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I need some help rounding out a small suit wardrobe, leaning more on the casual/cocktail side, not so much on the conservative/business side.

I like to wear suits for social events, weddings, shows, nice dinners, special events, etc., and don't wear a suit for work. I am in my mid 40s, in great shape and live a pretty social and active lifestyle. I live in Southern California where it's 70-80º F almost every day. It rains occasionally.

I currently own two suits:
  1. Navy Suit: Navy two-piece with worsted medium weight wool, two button, notched lapel. It's a well fitting general purpose workhorse but feels a little too formal/conservative in some settings. Sometimes I wish I got a hopsack or another more open/textured weave.
  2. Tuxedo: Black classic peak lapel tuxedo for the occasional gala, black tie event. Perfecto.
I'm stuck on the idea that I am missing one or two key suits, specifically in the cocktail/semi-formal/elevated casual realm. Khaki cotton? Linen? Mid-gray? Something with a pattern?

If you were me and didn't mind throwing a little money at the problem, how many additional suits would you get and which ones? Feel free to recommend color, fabric weight, pattern, texture, etc. Thanks!
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If you're looking for a good suit for dressier social occasions that's not too conservative and good for warm weather, get something in wool and mohair, either in mid grey or in a shade of blue that's lighter than navy.

But if you want something less formal, Vecchio Vespa's suggestion of a grey Prince of Wales check in tropical wool is good. It will look neater than linen or cotton, while the pattern will prevent it from looking too formal.
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