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*help* I messed up my shoes!

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I have a pair of alden shoes that I have managed to remove the finish from. It all started when I tried a new leather conditioner, and the shoes water spotted. In trying to clean the water spots, I used a new cleaner, which removed that portion of the finish. Using Saphir, turned it all dark in that one spot... so I got out the saddle soap and soaped down the whole shoe until they were raw leather. let them dry, applied saphir, many layers until they would finally take shine... well.. now they look blotchy and one of the top caps is an entirely different color than the other..... is there any saving these?
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I actually prefer the character they are assuming. Just polish them regularly and they'll look fine.
The best advice to be offered, in this present instance. Good luck in your quest for the perfect shine! ;)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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