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Hello, I am getting a wall street job, and need some suits. I live in Belarus (ex-USSR) now and am getting them made in August. I don't know much about suits, but I figured it'd be better to have them made than to buy generic ones. Plus the tailor + material is the same price or less then the imported ones here.

What materials should I use? The ones I now about so far are:
Wool (100%)
Wool(50%) + Polyester (50%)
Synthetic (?)
Flax (popular here I think)

What are the benefits of each, is one ... the "BEST"? Are there better options?

Is there a certain style I should ask for?

What about buttons and all that stuff? What is the best way to go?

The tailor = $75 - $100, and the material = $10-$20 a square meter, do those prices sound kosher?

The lady at the textile shop said about 3 meters would be good, is that right (i'm 5'6", 170 lbs) I don't know what size that makes me though... sorry, I'm a newbie to fashion (Hello, my name's David and I'm a Marshall's $5 clearance kinda guy... hi david!)

Lastly, should I get the shirts made too? Or just buy them. I like the feel of 100% cotton, and it's like $4 a square meter, I don't know what the tailor charges to make the shirts though.

Thanks a ton for helping in my fashion-wise transformation.

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