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Help finding shirt

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My grandmother gave me this shirt in the 90s but I think it had a bit of age on it already then. It looks flannel but is more substantial... think it's wool based. It has four pockets, 2 upper and 2 lower and had a very substantial tag sewn into the bottom of the button line but I do not remember the brand. It disappeared on me a few years ago and I really miss it. Does anyone have an idea what brand it might be or where I might be able to find another like it?

Thanks so much!
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Quite possibly Pendleton.
Thank you so much! I believe that is correct. I even found a 4 pocket one but not like the one I'm looking for. But I do believe that is the right tag and design elements of some of their shirts that I am seeing are similar to the one I had. Hopefully some digging turns one up!
Pendleton or Woolrich. I have a couple Pendletons and one Woolrich.

The Woolrich is clearly heavier weight.

You will find dozens of both on EBay.
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