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The prices on many ties have become absurd! Sam Hober's ties are fine quality, but more sanely priced.

In your situation, I'd get one wine colored, and one navy. While I have a fondness for wool, silk is likely the better choice for wear with most suits, and can still be worn with sport jackets.

Grenadine ties are very nice, but have become a fad. Nothing wrong with those if you wish it, but other choices are just as nice. You could get solid ties, but I'd be more tempted to get each with a simple white of grey stripe to avoid looking too somber in less formal use. They still will be suitable for almost everything, and easy to accessorize.

A tie should look rich, knot well and hang straight. IMHO, all else is superfluous, which is why I see little point in 7-fold ties and the like.
Great advice
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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