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How about The Tie Bar? I can only assume the quality is better with Sam Hober and Chipp Neckwear, but I'm interested to hear a comparison from someone that has experience with all three. The bow ties, at $19, from The Tie Bar have impressed me, but I don't have much to compare them to and I haven't purchased a neck tie from them.

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All 3 are good options.

I have had no issues with either.

I think tie quality is not that important IMO and overstated by menswear forums and blogs. It's not like the difference between cheap corrected grain shoes that are cemented, and a full grain leather shoe that is welted.

So long as it looks good and ties your preferred knot, then that's what matters.

For me, that has meant thin, lighter weight ties. For the life of me, I cannot get a good knot out of my grenadine tie.
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