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^^ that with three exceptions, IMHO
plain/solid colour all silk/wool ties (especially with no poly interlining);
a specific silk (e.g., shantung, tussah, etc);
a specific tie from a specific tiemaker (e.g., Henry Poole's Cundey)​

The above might appear on ebay from time to time, but one must wait...
I agree. I never find grenadine ties in the colours I want for anywhere close to $20 on eBay. $50 is a good deal if I can even find what I'm looking for. It's even more difficult to find one in the width and length I want. I can always have tie crafters alter the tie, but it negates a good deal when I can get the exact same time brand new for the same price at Sam Hober.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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