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I just wanted to post a note to say that I was in London last week and had the great privilege of meeting Savile Row master tailor Darren Beaman. Despite the fact that Darren didn't know me from Adam, he was a singularly generous and gracious host, who spent far more time with this gawking Yankee explaining his craft than I'm sure he originally intended to.

Darren has an obvious passion for what he does. But most impressively he is an exemplar of the value of stewardship. He knows the history and traditions of Savile Row, and wants to see them carried on in the next generation. You can really tell his enthusiasm for trying to help others enter the trade and make sure that British bespoke tailoring doesn't gradually become extinct.

Did I mention he's also a great guy.

Thanks a lot, Darren, and best of luck to you in your tailoring endeavors - especially with my suit!
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