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I discovered this forum a few months ago when using Google to try to find a current shop address for John Kent, who cut a blazer for me twenty years ago when Hawes and Curtis made for Prince Philip. Following the path you can imagine, I've been able to pay respects to John and am now in Darren's capable hands. Since then, I've learned a great deal from you all and look forward to enriching my sartorial connoisseurship further at your hands. This community seems articulate, knowledgable, and, well, gentlemanly. A delight to discover.

My question (I have been unable to make the search within the forum work, so pardon my ignorance of any prior discussion; search tips welcomed):

Can you recommend cobblers in Philadelphia / environs for stretching and sole and/or heel replacements (both leather dress soles and Vibram or plantation crepe)? Would I be better off with AE recrafting for AE shoes? Do I need to go to NYC for top-quality work? If so, where do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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