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A LONG time lurker here. Thanks to so many of you for your insightful opinions and eloquence on all things sartorial.

A question:

I've recently come upon a local menswear establishment here in NY that appears to be a "cut above" the shops I've frequented in the past. Offerings include suitings by Brioni, RLPL, Kiton and Oxxford. Over the course of the past few months I've purchased a MTM Tallia Hartz SB 2 - button summer blazer, a RTW D'Avenza suit in a charcoal stripe 150's and a RTW Ralph Lauren Polo Tuxedo. Their tailor shop appears to be quite good as they have no qualms about doing work that most other tailors I've dealt with shy away from. Being a size that falls squarely between a 40r & a short w/ a drop shoulder it's difficult for me to find something RTW that fits nicely w/ few alterations necessary.

The RTW clothing at this local store, post-alterations, seems to fit me better than my older MTM experiences. Perhaps this is a benefit of the knowledge I have culled as a result of reading forums such as this. Or perhaps I have become a bit better at verbalizing my desires and noticing any glaring tailoring faux paux that may be clearly evident to the well trained eye.

In any event the blazer fits quite well w/ the exception of the top button whch never seems to look quite right when fastened. The D'Avenza required significant work such as shortening the jacket length and taking in the back but it appears to fit equally as well without the aforementioned button issue. The cost of the blazer was roughly $1200., the suit $2600. exclusive of NYS taxes of course. Recently I have been of the opinion than these prices might put me in, or close to, the financial geography of bespoke.

I have limited experience w/ W.W. Chan as I had them make me on suit from the November '04 road trip however I found myself a bit dismayed by the final product. The pants were fine. The fit of the jacket, however, was underwhelming. Add to this the fact that the LP fabric had a few pulls and these little distractions ultimately left me unsatisfied with the overall experience.

I have recently begun to think about a trip to Ercole's in Brooklyn.

Does anyone here have any personal experience w/ this gentleman?
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