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Hart Shaffner "gold" line, are they half-canvassed?

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Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.
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louche is right. there is no half canvas. its a part of the suit sales mens B*** S***. there is only two general constructions canvased and fused.
all canvased jackets have a built up area in the chest, its a part of the standard canvas construction. the canvas starts at the shoulder and goes all the way to the bottom.
all fused jackets are fused from the shoulder and goes all the way to the bottom. a chest piece is added to take the place of the built up area that is in a canvased jacket.
no one has shown me a half canvas to date. if someone can do this i will admit to this.
now someone will show up with a fused that has an extension in the lapels and that is not a half canvas.
Whether it's called half canvassed or not, if a suit jacket has a canvas in the lapel (in addition to a canvas chest pieice), but not below the midway point of the jacket's front, making the lapel more supple and giving it a nice roll (because it doesn't have an interlining glued to the outer/upper shell fabric that in part makes up the lapel), why doesn't that count for something, Alex? I prefer it to suit jackets with fusing in the lapel. Southwick, BB 1818, HF Ltd., and at least some HSM suits (all that I've looked at, anyway) are made this way.
yes that does make for a nicer roll to the lapel. but its still a fused suit with about 25 or so square inches of canvas and a chest piece. i just dont think that justifies the title half canvas. i hope am not playing a semantic game its just my opinion.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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