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Handkerchief material

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yay first post here

So upon reading Fluesser and lurking it seems that to be stylish one must not wear a pocket square as the same material as the tie. Why is it that most pocket squares we buy from the fashion stores are made of silk, which most ties are made out of?

And just to verify, is it then the epitome of style to use an actual cotten handkerchief (for sneezing), and those larger silk/polyester hankdercheifs as a pocket square since it is not the same material as ties(silk)?

Also, almost all people I see wear the same combination pocket square and tie and I almost feel it is going against the norm, (maybe even taboo?), to differ from this style.
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I don't know why they sell them together, but I bought a box once that had a tie, pocket square, and a pair of cufflinks all the same material. I don't wear them together, but I like the pattern and use all three pieces.

All of my pocket squares are silk as well as my ties. There is no issue with wearing a silk square and a silk tie. You could also do cotton or linen though.
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