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A growing number of menswear retailers now offer (in addition to silk) cotton and linen pochettes (or, if you will, pocket squares) in an array of colours and colour combinations. These must, of course, be hand-rolled; if they are not, put them either in a trouser pocket or inside a coat sleeve. (This latter usage is now quaintly old-fashioned and somewhat patrician.)

It is not wrong to wear a silk tie with a silk pochette; it IS wrong to wear a matching tie and pochette. The effect is contrived and lacking imagination. These 'sets' are usually bought by women who have neither the time nor the imagination to seek out a more satisfactory present for their menfolk.

I prefer a combination of silk tie and either a cotton or linen pocket square for two reasons: (1) contrasting textures (dry and wet); (2) a silk pochette, unless of a heavy weight, is not easily folded; it must be worn as a 'puffball'.

I feel instinctively that a gentleman should be prepared to offer his pochette to a lady when occasion requires - e.g. tears - which is why I carry a handkerchief!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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