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H. Freeman and HSF Suit Questions

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Hello, first-time poster, but I came across the site while doing some research on a couple of suits I picked up recently. One is a Hart Schaffner Marx originally from Dillards and the other, which I thought at first was a Hickey Freeman, I think is not, and is instead from a make named H. Freeman. I will include a pic of the label. Not know hardly anything about suits, would you guys be able to tell me which one is the better suit? I can take pictures if needed. I was wanting to know because I need to have them altered slightly, whichever one I go with, and want to choose the better quality suit. I don't know if either is fused, 1/2 Canvased, etc. Both suits were a steal though, $13.00 each, so it was worth a gamble. Oh, and I need this for a wedding of a friend that is coming up in a month and a half. The HSF suit has a pair of matching pants, but for the H. Freeman suit, I would have to buy some pants. Any insight, guidance, and help are appreciated! The two pics included are the logo of the H. Freeman suit and a closeup of the material.


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I'm not sure testing supports what you say, but to which cleansing chemicals do you refer? It's not likely professional pressing equipment will cause that dreaded shine, either. If you are pressing at home, you can either use a pressing cloth to avoid direct contact with the hot surface of an iron or turn the garment inside out when pressing...
When someone offers well-intentioned and advice, including the qualifier "I don't know about dry cleaning," it seems a but much to call it an out and out attack. As the two links below contend, some purportedly knowledgeable people support the advice of @triklops55. It sounded in post #21 as if you have personal experience in the clothing care industry. Based on your experience and views I would expect there to be support for competing views. I have very limited training in caring for woolens. The United States Navy taught me how to use their famous Armstrong washers for my dress blues and how to fold and stow them under my rack to press them.

If you have the means to buy high cost suits and have them cleaned between wearings, it would seem unlikely that degrading your fabric would be of any concern.
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When did I say that was an out and out attack or even an attack at all? I'm an expert in that field and the only genuinely definitive testing regarding fabric wear from laundering and drycleaning that I'm aware of was done by my team in our lab in Augsburg, Germany in 1985. I hardly see the problem with pointing that out and asking if my many critics have actual data for their contrary assertions, since they always seem to admit they don't know anything about subject. On the other hand, if you just made your post because you want to criticise everything I say, well get in line with the other ten year old boys of all ages...
If you will reread post #28, you said, "By all means keep up the attacks (emphasis supplied) if they make you feel better about yourself and your half-zip sweaters." I did not post to criticize you. I posted to demonstrate that @triklops55 was trying to offer a sincerely intended and widely held perspective. It seemed kind since his personal fashion sense had been attacked and his contribution belittled.
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