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Hi, i am a 23 year old med student and i just purchased a Polo jeans grey chalk stripe sportcoat at Macy's for 10 bucks. It was really marked down from like 150 or so. Anyway, its not the best sportcoat I own, but it fits ok and I just would like to know what should I pair it with. Or should i just chuck it because i'll always look like i am wearing a suit coat without the pants?

Also, i have a black donna karan sportcoat that is pretty light and unstructured, so it looks good on my athletic frame. I like it a lot, but I dont know when it is appropriate to wear it. The sportcoat says fairly casual, but the black says business. What do you think? What should i pair it with?

Finally, is there a difference between a 100 dollar gucci tie and the 15 dollar ones i find on discount at TJ max? I usually buy brands that normall cost around 50 bucks when they are not on sale, like Hilfiger, so whats the deal? I have a hickey freeman suit, so i know quality matters with suits, but i wonder how they would manifest themselves in ties. The cheapest ones are obviously tasteless, but i dunno after that.

Thanks for you help...
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