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I just bought two pairs of grensons at Bennies in Atlanta. One pair looks exactly like the canterbury from the footmasters line. The inside of the shoe only says Grensons and the sole appears to be channeled. I have been told that the channeled sole is only on the masterpiece line of grensons.

I also have a pair of monkstraps that look nothing like any of the monkstraps on grensons website. They are made exactly like the canterbury-like pair in that the soles appear to be channeled.

My question is if these shoes are masterpieces or are they just canterbury's from the footmasters line that have been made in us sizing as mine are 10C. I understand that Bennies sourced the grensons from paul stuart, but they have other shoes like rubber soled suede loafers that are obviously not from the masterpiece collection. Regardless, they are nice shoes.

Thanks for all the help.
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