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As I labored over a new pair of Edward Green shoes, many of you pointed me in some other interesting directions. One of which was the Grenson Masterpiece line.

Roger from Vancouver dropped me a note to suggest I get what I can while I can if I go that route, since they are discontinued. There are at least two models I would like to try on and maybe purchase, so I wrote Grenson.
I do not recall seeing this mentioned in another thread, it may have been, forgive me if I am repeating old news.

Grenson's reply:

Dear Mr ,
I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news but your sources are correct and the Masterpiece collection has been discontinued.
We are still able to make single pair orders for customers which I can price for you on request.
I attach a copy of our latest brochure.
Should you require any further assistance please contact me.
Phil Gray

Grenson Shoes Sales Office Manager.
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